The Friends of Pretzel Park - Manayunk

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Pretzel Park, 4300 Silverwood Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127
Between Cotton, Rector, Silverwood, and Cresson Streets.
Oone block above Main Street.

Installation of the Pretze

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2013 Playground Maintenance

Friends of Pretzel Park & Manayunk Dog Park

Manayunk Tree Tenders


City Council and the Mayor passed the bill. Councilman Nutter wrote the legislation and presented it to City Council to officially change the name of Pretzel Park to Pretzel Park.

The official name had been Manayunk Park since the parks creation in 1929. In the minds of residents and as far back as anyone can remember, Pretzel Park has been Pretzel Park. We believe the name relates to the pretzel shape of the sidewalks. That pretzel shape has been recreated with the recent park renovations which the Councilman funded. A pretzel vendor used to sell Philly Pretzels in the park so that could have also influenced the name. Now the official name of the park has come into line with the "real" name of the park.

In 1999, when the Friends of Pretzel Park began its affiliation with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's Philadelphia Green program and the Department of Recreation, signs were installed welcoming visitors to Manayunk Park.

A grant was received in 2004 for the large metal!



Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) approved another grant for Pretzel Park. The grant was for two drinking fountains and plumbing. However, due to new restrictions by the Water Dept. we were only able to repair the plumbing from the street to the park house, install a backflow preventer and faucet knob in the house, and add an exterior (above ground) faucet.

2009 September: A new PHS grant is in the works to get a drinking fountain in the dog park.


An Informal Town Watch

It takes the watchful eye of local residents and people that use the park to deter vandalism. Please call 911 if you see suspicious activity in the park. Do not confront vandals. A call to 911 is the correct procedure to follow. It does not need to be an emergency to call 911. The operators will prioritize the call and alert police. They will respond quickly unless they are detained by other, more important, activities. More importantly, the call will go on record as an incident in the park and alert the police of the problems. The park will receive more attention and more police patrol.


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