We need certified Tree Tenders & Volunteers to help us obtain and maintain street trees in Manayunk. For information about becoming a Tree Tender, please contact us: mail@manayunkcouncil.org

The Tree Tenders program is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's (PHS) Philadelphia Green. They offer free classes and hands-on training to groups and individuals interested in caring for trees in their neighborhood.

Created in June of 1993, Tree Tenders train community groups to care for and plant trees in their neighborhoods. The 12 hour training covers simple tree physiology, urban stresses on trees, basic pruning and tree pit care and tree identification. There are close to 1,000 Tree Tender graduates from over 85 neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

Individuals can become Tree Tenders by attending the a training session. The session consists of three evening meetings and a Saturday morning picnic. Pizza and soft drinks are supplied by PHS and everyone has a good time.

Manayunk Tree Tenders have planted over 50 trees in the area.
We cannot continue our good work without volunteers.


Saturday, September 13, 2003, Elm Trees staged their comeback in Manayunk. Introduced in the US in 1930, Dutch Elm Disease spread through North America, killing the majority of elm trees.

With a grant from the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, Manayunk Tree Tenders brought three American Liberty Elms to Pretzel Park. These trees have been selected and bred for natural disease resistance by the Elm Research Institute. They were supplied by the Johnny Elmseed project of the Peace Valley Nature Center in Doylestown.

A fourth Liberty Elm was purchased for the park as a memorial. The tree was planted in loving memory of Thomas McHugh. The tree was donated by his wife, Elva McHugh, his children, Mary Turtle and husband Mark, John McHugh and wife Michele, Patricia McHugh, and his grandchildren, Heather Brennan and husband Chris, Rebecca Farrell, Daniel Farrell and Connor McHugh.

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