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4317 Fleming - Twisted Gingers Meeting Notice

When: 7:00 PM Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Where: Zoom Link
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Two years ago, in 2018, when Mark Meyor was seeking to open a brewpub at 4317, the community supported the effort on the condition that Mr. Mayor and the building owner enter into an agreement with MNC and CRCA (Central Roxborough Civic Association) to establish enforceable limits on hours, noise, and other aspects of the operation.

The agreement limited hours of operation and did not allow live music or sidewalk seating.

Twisted Gingers has been open since December 2019 though much of their time open has been limited by the various Covid-19 restrictions.

Twisted Gingers is seeking to modify the agreement to relax some of the restrictions.

There will be a special meeting at 7:00 PM on June 30 to review and vote on the proposed changes.

Proposed changes to the 4317 Fleming Twisted Gingers Agreement

Restriction Current Proposed
Live Music No Allowed with limitations
  • The broadcast is accessory and incidental to the permitted brewery / restaurant use.
  • Broadcast volume is reasonable, thereby allowing ordinary conversation within the Business and precluding transmission to surrounding residences.
  • Broadcast is only between the hours of 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • Broadcast complies with PaLCB restrictions now existing and hereafter adopted.
Sidewalk Café No Allowed with limitations
  • No seating on Fleming Street
  • Sidewalk Café conforms to The Philadelphia Code for Sidewalk Cafés now existing (§9-208) and hereafter adopted.
-- Hours --
Monday 5pm - 10pm 4pm - 10pm
Tuesday 5pm - 10pm 4pm - 10pm
Wednesday 5pm - 10pm 4pm - 10pm
Thursday 5pm - 10pm 4pm - 10pm
Friday 5pm - 10pm noon - 11pm
Sunday noon - 10pm noon - 10pm (no change)
Holidays (NOTE: This section was incorrect on the flyer) noon - 10pm noon - 10pm (no change)
New Years 5pm - 11pm 4pm - 10pm
Events 5pm - 11pm During Philadelphia Sports Team Championship games (National Football League Superbowl, Major League Baseball World Series, National Hockey League Stanley Cup and National Basketball Association Conference Finals)
4pm - 11pm


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