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Manayunk Neighborhood Council
150 Dupont Street

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March 2018
Developers are proposing to convert the Saint Davids Church Hall, at 150 Dupont, into 12 apartments.

The main church will remain a church and is not part of this project. Nor will the cemetery surrounding the church be affected.

The building has suffered substantial water damage. Both to the internal wooden structures (floors and beams) but also to the foundation and exterior wall.

The side wall is bowed out significantly and would eventually collapse. The developers have done an engineering study of the building and determined that it can be stabilized and saved.

They are proposing six one-bedroom apartments on the lower level (half under ground) and six bi-level apartments on the first and second floors.

Parking will be provided in the existing church parking lot via dedicated spaces.

The MNC zoning committee met with the developers and reviewed the plans and the response was favorable.

They will be at the March meeting to answer questions and seek your support.

The developers will be at the March 7 2018 general meeting to describe their project. All are encouraged to attend and give their opinion on this project.

Public Meeting March 7, 2018, 7:30 PM at Venice Island Performing Arts and Recreation Center
On Venice Island between Cotton and Lock Streets
What can you do
Attend the MNC meeting -- Write to the zoning board -- Attend the zoning hearing -- Contact Councilman Jones
Zoning hearing date: To Be Announced
Appeal number: To Be Announced
PDF of the plans

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