Topics for Consideration for Development Proposals Requiring Zoning Relief

A Guide for the Community Review Process

To assist Manayunk Neighborhood Council in providing a consistent and comprehensive community review process, MNC requests the following information from the developer related to the development proposal

1. Scale drawings of the proposed development, including a detailed architectural site plan, floor plans, facade elevations, parking, lighting, screening, landscaping, signage, etc.

2. A statement describing the status of ownership of the property (wholly owned, agreement of sale, Sheriff's Sale, purchase with deed pending, partnership, etc.)

3. The current zoning of the property and a description of its current use.

4. A list of any current zoning, use violations, life, safety, etc. violations, or tax delinquency for the property.

5. A list of zoning variances, use permits, lot line relocations, etc. needed for the project.

6. A list of any PA Liquor Control Board licensing applied for or anticipated.

7. The date and calendar number of any pending zoning hearing, if previously scheduled.

8. A description of the proposed property use, including number of bedrooms per unit, number of off-street parking spaces, commercial use/s etc.

9. A description of provisions for trash storage and pickup, deliveries, entrance and egress, hours of operation, management, maintenance, public access, environmental considerations, etc.

10. A financial plan for the project corroborated by letters of agreement from banks or other sources of financial backing.

11. Type/s of architectural or historical considerations involved.

12. A description of the current condition of the property, and plans to maintain the property during the development process.

13. List of city/state officials who have reviewed the proposal, such as City Planning, Licenses & Inspections, District Councilperson, etc.

14. Description of how the developer plans to gauge the reaction of near residents (property owners) to the proposal.

15. A traffic &/or infrastructure impact study showing how the proposal would affect parking, congestion and other traffic-related conditions in the community.

16. A proposed construction schedule of the project from the present through completion.

17. A plan to minimize the impact on the surrounding neighborhood during the construction phase of the project, including traffic, parking, erosion and runoff, noise, dust, use of sidewalk, staging of materials, hours of work, etc.

18. A list of any non-accessory uses anticipated for the property, such as retail stores, signage, transmission towers, etc.

19. List of the developer's pervious development projects.

20. List of civic associations (with contact information) with which the developer has previously worked

21. Summary of the support sought from the Association.

22. Summary of the perceived benefits to the surrounding community of the proposed development.

Manayunk Neighborhood Council will utilize the following time line as a guide for its review process.

Phase I-Initial Review of Development Proposal

A. The developer directly contacts MNC with a development proposal; or the Philadelphia City Planning Commission or District Councilperson provides MNC with a copy of the development plans.

B. MNC provides the developer with the Topics for Consideration modified to accommodate the scale of the development proposal.

C. MNC (usually the Executive Board, but possible the Zoning Committee, or the group-as-a-whole, etc.) Meets with the developer to review the development proposal and to discuss the developer's responses to the Topics for Consideration.

D. A formal vote, informal "show of hands," etc. is not in order at any initial presentation of a development proposal.

E. Based on the developer's initial presentation, MNC will identify potential concerns with the development proposal, and, if necessary, will request the developer to consider modifying the proposal accordingly.

F. MNC discusses with the developer the option of a restrictive covenant (deed restriction or operating agreement) that would provide protections for the community not provided by municipal or state enforcement practices. MNC would ask the Zoning Board to attach such and agreement as a proviso to the zoning variance.

G. If legal counsel will accompany the developer to a meeting with MNC, the developer will provide MNC with advance notice so that the group may arrange to also have council present.

H. MNC provides the developer with a letter summarizing the initial meeting. MNC provides copies to the District City Councilperson, neighboring civic associations, etc., when appropriate.

I. Discussions about these issues of consequence between the developer and a single representative of MNC are discouraged in favor of formal meetings. MNC documents all communications between the parties outside formal meetings.

Phase II-Intermediate Review

A. MNC meets again with the developer to review responses to Topics for Consideration, possible modifications of the development proposal, a restrictive covenant, etc.

B. MNC provides the developer with a letter summarizing the second and subsequent meetings.

C. The developer presents revised proposal to the Planning Commission, District City Councilperson, etc., when appropriate.

Phase III-Final Review

A. When the developer finalizes the proposal, MNC organizes a community meeting to discuss the proposal and to gauge community response.

B. MNC decides on its position of "support", "non-opposition" or "opposition" to zoning relief; prepares a letter for the Zoning Board; finalizes the restrictive covenant; obtains council to represent MNC at the zoning hearing; etc..

Phase IV-Zoning Hearing

A. The developer applies to the Department of Licenses * Inspections for a construction permit, and receives a "Notice of Refusal of Permit."

B. The developer applies to Zoning Board of Adjustment for a zoning variance.

C. The Zoning Board hears the case and makes it's decision.

D. The losing party (developer or MNC) may appeal the Board's Decision.

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