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The Residential Permit Parking (RPP) program consistently garners praise from Philadelphia community leaders and elected officials. Administered by the Philadelphia Parking Authority since 1983, RPP significantly enhances the quality of life for residents of congested city neighborhoods by limiting long term parking on designated blocks to resident permit holders only. The following facts should help define the current permit parking program.

A permit costs $35 per vehicle for the first year and $20 for annual renewal. A $10 transfer fee is required for any interim permit replacement necessitated by vehicle or license tag changes.

To be eligible, a vehicle must display a valid Pennsylvania license plate and must be registered to a home address within the permit parking district.

Vehicles with three or more outstanding parking violation fines are not eligible for permits.

A "vehicle" is an automobile, motorcycle, van or passenger utility vehicle not exceeding twenty feet in length.

The permit increases the resident's chances of finding parking space by stimulating turnover and eliminating storage of non-resident vehicles, however, it does not guarantee a parking space.

A permit does not excuse the observance of any traffic regulation except the posted time limit regulation. Motorists must obey all safety regulations.

A block is not eligible for permit parking when actual commercial and/or institutional use of property on the ground floor level of that block exceeds fifty percent.

In order to provide information about issues that are commonly raised concerning resident parking, we have prepared a list of questions and answers on RPP in Philadelphia.

Question Answer
What is the purpose of the Residential Permit Parking program? The program is designed to improve parking availability for neighborhood residents.
How does the program work? An eligible vehicle owner can purchase a permit which allows unrestricted parking on blocks with time limits signs and free parking at meters. The permit is only applicable in the district specified on the sticker and only on blocks posted with permit parking signs.
Who is eligible for a parking permit? Permits can be issued for a vehicle whose owner and principal driver resides within an existing district as designated by City Council. The vehicles must display valid Pennsylvania license plates and be registered to the owner's home address in that district.
Are there any exceptions to the eligibility requirements? Yes. You can obtain a permit for a leased company car or company car if you demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Parking Authority, that you are a resident, that you are the principal operator of the vehicle and that the vehicle is a company car. Please call us ahead of time for more information regarding what is acceptable documentation.
What do I do if I have outstanding parking violation fines? If you have three or more outstanding parking tickets, you will not be eligible to purchase a parking permit. You must first make payment at the Parking Violations Branch, 913 Filbert Street, between the hours of 8:00AM and 8:00PM, Monday through Friday, and between 9:00AM 1:00PM on Saturday. You may schedule a hearing to contest your tickets by calling the Parking Violations Branch at (215) 561-3636.
Is there provision for my guests who come by car? Your guests may park for the duration of the posted time limit. For longer stays, you can obtain a temporary parking permit.
Does the permit exempt the holder from other parking regulations? These include safety violations such as parking too near a fire hydrant or corner. You may also get a ticket if you have a permit and ignore time limits signs on blocks in your district that do not have permit parking signs.
Which blocks will be posted for residential permit parking? Blocks which are primarily residential. According to City Ordinance 547-A, permit parking cannot be posted on a block when actual commercial and/or institutional use of property on the ground floor level of that block exceeds fifty percent.
Who issues the residential parking permit? The Philadelphia Parking Authority is responsible for permit issuance and is located at 3101 Market Street. Application for the annual permit may be made through the mail.
How will the permit program be enforced? Parking Enforcement Officers will make the rounds of the permit district to enforce the posted time limit. When a vehicle without a permit is parked overtime, it will be ticketed. Vehicles with permits will be ticketed if the numbers punched on the permit do not match the first and last digits of the license plate number. Permitted vehicles will also be ticketed if the month and year punched indicates that the permit has expired.

If you need any further information, please contact the Parking Authority at 215-683-9730.