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Evening Traffic Jam (May 5, 2000): Arroyo Café 'Cinco de Mayo' event adds 700 cars to evening rush and gridlocks Green Lane Bridge and Main Street for over 4 hours

Below is a listing of all proposed residential units in the area that will have a combined impact on the traffic in the Main St., Umbria St., and Green Lane Bridge corridors.

Connelly - 270 units on Venice Island at Cotton Street [under construction 2005]

Namico - 128 units on Venice Island at Flat Rock Rd. & Leverington Ave., [under construction 2005]

Arroyo/Carmella's - 275 units on Venice Island between the Leverington and Green Lane. [Not yet submitted to zoning]

100 Leverington Ave - 56 units [built 2001]

Gay and Fleming Sts. - 67 units [built 2004], 11 townhouses [built 2005]

Parker Avenue - ?? townhomes [built 2005]

Hunters Point - 200 units at Shawmont Ave. and Umbria St. [built 2005]

These developments can be expected to add well over 1,000 cars to the morning commute!